STAGES International is a networked relational business.

We support and rely on enthusiastic collaborations with other organizations—we love developing and transforming consciousness and culture with you.

If you share our values and appreciate our mission, and want to incorporate the STAGES model into your organization, contact us at [email protected].

Here are some of the ways we are helping other organizations reach their goals and deepen their impact:

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate and co-affiliate marketing agreements we help get the word out for each other about courses, events, and services. Referral commissions available.



If your organization wants to embed the STAGES model into your work in a deeper and more autonomous way, we can train people in your organization to score, debrief, or teach the STAGES model; and can train your coaches and consultants in applying the STAGES mode.



We work with researchers in academia, schools, NGOs, companies, etc. to co-design or support research projects that incorporate STAGES assessments. There are so many important questions about human capacity, development, consciousness, and psychological healing that can be illuminated through the developmental lens.


STAGES courses and workshops

STAGES international and our partners offer a wide range of courses and workshops related to adult development, the deepening of consciousness, and the widening of perspectives. We can also offer STAGES application workshops in shadow work, leadership, relationships, parenting, spiritual growth and contemplative practices, and many other areas. We often tune our offerings toward “professional development,” and for organizations wanting to incorporate the STAGES model we can arrange for group discounts of our existing courses, or custom design educational and transformative experiences for you.


Generative conversations and collaborations

If you are a STAGES appreciator, let's consider some easy ways to mutually share our gifts. Invite Terri, Kim, or another STAGES expert into a podcast conversation or conference presentation. We can exchange resources on the latest research and theory in adult development (and see our Resources page). Or just set up a zoom call to explore synergistic overlaps. We love to think big, imagine outside the box, and participate in grounded projects that make a difference in the world.


Customized Assessments

Due to the unique nature of our model and scientifically validated assessment method, we can customize many more aspects of our assessment tools as compared to others offering similar services. We can customize length, thematic specialty domain, etc. to meet your needs (additional validation research may be needed). See the expandable "accordion" item titled "Other STAGES Assessment Products/Services" on our Assessments page


Our Parteners and Affiliates include...

[more to come...]