Developmental STAGES 

Intermediate level course with Alexander Love. 


Experiencing & Using The Model. Deepen your understanding of human development through guided applications with group practice and instructor feedback. 


Nine session live online course. 


Tuesdays, 12 PM MT

120 minutes

March 12 - May 7


Tuition: $1200  



This nine week intensive program offers you the opportunity to experience the STAGES model and deepen your understanding of human development through guided applications with group practice and instructor feedback. This course opens the door to more advanced training.

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Watch Alexander

share how this course will help you embody the STAGES model in a way that allows you to recognize the human wholeness that is present in all of us.


00:00 - Intro: how to move from separation to intimacy

03:42 - The methodology of videos and collective learning

06:10 - Developmentally informed coaching

06:59 - Going beyond pigeonholing; developmental ethics

07:44 - The fluidity of stages and compassionate action

Recognizing Developmental STAGES

You can choose to add the optional 16-stem short form assessment ($200) within the checkout cart.

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What's the course about?

In this nine-week intensive online course you will learn approaches for estimating the developmental stage that a person is enacting through their language in any given moment.  You will practice identifying developmental parameters from video segments, and receive feedback to improve your comprehension and skills for stages 1.5 through 5.5. The three parameters are the responses to the three questions that frame the STAGES model:

1. Is this person speaking from a Concrete, a Subtle, or a MetAware perspective of persons, places, or things?
2. Does this person have an individual or a collective preference?
3. Is this person's learning approach receptive, active, reciprocal, or interpenetrative?
Through this course you'll learn to:
– Identify the fundamental structures that lie "underneath" narratives and stories. 
– Feel into where others are coming from in the moment, so that you can connect in the most authentic way.
– Develop clarity around others' needs and capacities so that you can more effectively partner in each other's healing, growth, and awakening.
– Harness the collective intelligence of the group as a tool to discern developmental levels.
– Embody the wisdom of how human development works in a practical and applicable way.
The course is taught by Alexander Love, a certified STAGES practitioner and instructor with deep experience using the STAGES model in coaching and the healing arts.

Who’s the course for? 

This course is  a deep and fun learning experience for everyone, and a must for anyone wanting to take advanced trainings in using the STAGES model (professionally or personally). 
This course a prerequisite to Developmental Coaching and other professional-track trainings. It is also an amazing course for anyone whose work or life involves understanding the perspectives that people take using a developmental lens—that's pretty much everyone!  

The course assumes a base level of understanding about the STAGES model and the qualities of different stages of development. Because of this, participants will be expected to have completed two of the following STAGES courses by the time the course begins: The Three Questions, Developmental Gifts & Confusions (both available in STAGES online store,) or equivalent STAGES training.


You will be expected to have taken a recent STAGES assessment prior to the course. You can choose to take the Standard Comprehensive 36-stem assessment available on our assessments page. The 16-stem short form assessment offered with the prerequisite Developmental Gifts & Confusions course also counts toward this requirement and will be offered with this course, as well. You will be able to add it to your cart from within the checkout cart itself.


What’s the program?

You will engage in a live group process of learning how to identify the parameters of subjects in videos that depict different developmental levels.

The group will report its identification of the developmental perspectives of the people in the videos to the full cohort. You will each have a chance to hear and compare your group's responses to those of the other groups. You will have a chance to discuss the reasons each group selected the perspective they did.

Alexander will then talk about the parameters and give the group detailed information as to the developmental perspectives depicted in the videos.

You will also have access to a community forum for discussion where you can also ask the instructor questions.

The nine week program includes:

  • 18 hours of live sessions over ten weeks, exploring nine developmental levels. Each session is 2 hours long at 12 PM US Mountain Time.
  • A Course Manual for use alongside the live experiences.
  • An application notebook so you can apply all that you are learning. It offers guided reflections, allowing you to cement your learning.
  • Weekly group practice and teacher feedback.
  • Peer working to support your learning.


TUESDAYS, 12 PM US Mountain Time

March 12, 19, 26

April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

May 7


Training in Ethical Principles of Developmental Evaluation

The course includes ethical principles about the proper use of this powerful developmental model so that you can learn to avoid simplistic or stereotyped classifications based on insufficient information. The ethical principles we use in developmental diagnosis include Do no harm, Compassion, Developmental rights, and No manipulation, which we cover in the course.
Regardless of one’s center of gravity developmental stage, the stage one is performing from varies from context to context. This course will not teach you to determine a person’s center of gravity stage, which can only be done with the sentence-completion-test assessment instrument, scored by a certified practitioner. It will help you estimate the developmental stage that people are enacting in the moment based on the language they are using, and it will greatly strengthen your understanding of the STAGES model through repeated application to real life dialogues.  In our commitment to do no harmwe will use videos for our learning rather than human subjects. As beginners in this process, we don't want to make our mistakes on other human beings.

About Alexander Love

Alexander Love, PCC, NCC, M.Ac., is an acupuncturist, developmental coach, and international facilitator. He has studied integral theory and practice for twenty years and brings this wisdom to his work supporting human beings to live and lead from wholeness. Alexander has integrated Terri O’Fallon’s STAGES research into his coaching and acupuncture practice. He is writing a book that offers a comprehensive look at the STAGES model from a holistic perspective, integrated with eastern wisdom.