STAGES Summer Series 

Tuesdays + Wednesdays: 12 PM MT   
June 13 - August 30, 2023

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Infuse your summer with some fun learning and powerful developmental growth experiences! 


12 courses in 12 weeks. 


Each live online course = two 90 minute sessions offered by 16 STAGES-informed instructors.


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STAGES Summer Series:

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FOUNDATIONS TO FLOURISHING: A Comprehensive Approach to Effective Evolution

with Anand Rao


EVOLUTIONARY GESTURES: Surfing the Waves in Human Wholeness

with Alexander Love



with Gail Hochachka + Lisa Gibson


STAGES OF RELATIONSHIP: Creating Intimacy at Each Developmental Level

with Kim Barta



with Sushant Shrestha & Abigail Lynam



with Heiko Veit



with Abigail Lynam & Geoff Fitch



with John Kesler & Thomas McConkie


ENOUGHNESS: Reconditioning Stories of Deficiency and Lack Through the Developmental STAGES

with Jill Thomas



Integrating Indo-Tibetan wisdom and STAGES Theory

with Kimberley Lafferty


MODERN ZEN AND STAGES: Becoming One With the Evolutionary Process

with Santiago Santai Jimenez



with Fionn Wright & Almu Gonzalez


Foundations to Flourishing:

A Comprehensive Approach to Effective Evolution

with Anand Rao

WEDNESDAYS, August 2 + 9 at 12 PM MT

Presented in a two-part format, this experiential workshop serves those familiar with the STAGES model and ready to uncover its practical applications for personal transformation.

Session 1: Holistic Growth at the Current Stage, invites the exploration of a core developmental principle of cultivating health at one’s present stage. The session aims to teach methods for identifying often-overlooked areas of potential growth. This 90-minute journey incorporates transformative group activities, reflective practices, and experiential exercises, designed to foster self-awareness and resilience. 

Participants will:

  • Uncover hidden growth areas through actionable techniques
  • Understand the crucial role of a robust foundation at the present stage in facilitating potential unlocking and change
  • Gain tools and insights that enhance grounding at the current stage and deepen understanding of the STAGES model

Session 2, Elegant Stage Transitions: Addressing Common Patterns, builds on insights from the first session, focusing on strategies for seamless transition between stages. 

The second 90-minute segment provides the opportunity to:

  • Recognize and address prevalent patterns during transitions, enhancing adaptability
  • Learn strategies to navigate common challenges during transitions, ensuring progress even amid turbulence
  • Engage in group activities and reflective exercises that demonstrate the STAGES model in real-world contexts

Blending theory with practice, the workshop is suitable for individuals wishing to extend their understanding of the STAGES model and professionals guiding others through their developmental journeys. At its conclusion, participants will be better equipped to manage their personal growth journey, benefiting both themselves and those they mentor.

In summary, the workshop provides insights and practical tools for building a strong foundation at the current stage and confidently navigating through transitions. The knowledge and skills acquired will be invaluable for personal and professional growth and for connecting with others on similar developmental paths.

About Anand Rao

Anand Rao studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, specializing in theoretical physics and advanced mathematics. He also holds a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College, London. He spent nearly 20 years in oil & gas corporate consulting before turning his professional focus toward personal and spiritual development, which he has been studying and exploring for over 25 years.

Today, Anand is a professional coach, consultant, and trainer who uses frameworks of developmental psychology and other modalities to help individuals gain self-awareness, clarify their path, unlock their potential, and evolve along their personal and professional developmental path.


Evolutionary Gestures: Surfing the Waves in Human Wholeness

with Alexander Love

TUESDAYS, August 15 + 22 at 12 PM MT

Evolutionary Gestures will introduce you to a new way of understanding and interacting with the stages model. We will explore the five evolutionary gestures that form evolution's engine, as understood from an Eastern/Taoist perspective. These primordial gestures infuse the us with the fundamental threads required to create the twelve developmental waves. Our understanding of what a stage is will broaden and transform, helping us orient to development as the filling out of the human whole vs. the more common, stair-step view of linear progression. Evolution is a revolution with sprouts, an enfolding, unfolding whirling process. We will explore conceiving the stage model through embodied process awareness which allows the model to become a "map that crawls."

With the understanding of primary gestures comprising evolution's engine introduced, we will dive into a new arena of stages exploration: Developmental Physiology. Eastern medicine has spent thousands of years exploring the marriage between psyche and soma. They teach us that the mind is distributed throughout the body, both moving as one. What are the physiological components of a stage? How are the living dimensions of a stage reflected in the movements of the flesh? How might the developmental contractions natural to development reside in the body as stagnation of one’s physiology? To answer these questions, Alexander will introduce "embodied gateways," portals in the body that reflect a stage's psychological and physiological features. He will present the Chinese characters that reflect the names of each gateways to reveal what Eastern gestures, painted within the body, offer our understanding of a given stage. Chinese characters are gestural and symbolic, giving birth to a way of knowing and being with stages that differ from Western approaches. These gestures invite us to dream and awaken in new ways to developmental subtleties. You will learn the characters of selected gateways and how they reveal unique contours of the various waves of human development. This includes how the "shape" of the stage relates to aspects of the body morphology-in-motion and some examples of developmental physiology linked to that stage.

With an embodied, experiential orientation to gesture, it becomes clear that we are a continuity, wholeness becoming more whole. In this course, you will be invited more deeply into an embodied process orientation to the stages model, where steps become waves of a single human world, filling out all its pain and glory. Stages can be used to separate us, or to bring us closer together. This course will illuminate a way of orienting to development that supports an embrace of wholeness as a fundamental feature of who we are and what we are becoming. Evolutionary Gestures is an introductory invitation to some of the key components of Alexander's forthcoming book with the same title, where you will have the chance to revisit the stages model you know and love, but from a new vantage point, produced through the world of Eastern wisdom and an entry into the painterly strokes of gesture.

(“We need maps that crawl”–an invocation spoken by Jeremy Johnson)

About Alexander Love

Alexander Love, PCC, NCC, M.Ac., is an acupuncturist, developmental coach, and creator of the Lumina Process℠, a method to powerfully transform painful shadows while anchoring in wholeness. He is part of the facilitation team at the world-renowned coach training and personal developmental organization, the Newfield Network. Alexander has studied and applied integral theory in his work for over twenty years, bringing this wisdom to support human beings to live fully, transform deeply, and lead from wholeness. He has integrated Terri O’Fallon’s STAGES research into his coaching, shadow resolution, and acupuncture practice. Alexander is currently writing a book entitled Evolutionary Gestures that offers a comprehensive look at the STAGES model and shadow from an embodied process perspective, integrated with Eastern wisdom.


Finding One’s Own Soul-centric Climate Action

with Gail Hochachka + Lisa Gibson

WEDNESDAYS, August 16 + 23 at 12 PM MT

Climate change is one of nine planetary boundaries that our current modern development trajectory is set to surpass in the coming decades. Societies the world over have brought some of the best technical responses to this issue, landed international commitments for climate action, and compiled one of the most exquisite cannons of global research on the topic. And yet, globally we remain far short of reaching the goals needed to avoid extreme climate change impacts.

The present-day communications about climate change project a dismal future. People question whether their children will be able to have children of their own, and many are fearful and grieving the loss of ecosystems. In the face of such enormity, communications for actions about what one can do--such as to change light-bulbs--come across frustratingly, tragically incommensurate with the full complexity of this challenge. 

And yet, we have only added certain variables into climate projections, from certain stages of consciousness. When we factor in how humans grow and develop across a lifespan, we can be assured that tomorrow will be construed very differently than today. Solutions we can’t even imagine will come into focus via an entirely different apparatus of meaning-making than that of current-day approaches on the climate issue.

In this course, we will situate this global problem as in fact a global symptom of our current action-logics and ways of being. Making technical fixes and providing more, louder information about climate change does not inspire people to climate action. Rather, climate action is shaped by the climate action-logics we hold, as well as the ways in which we relate to and navigate the ‘shadow’ elements in response to such an emotionally- and politically-charged issue. It is also carried out in relation to the climate-action systems that we create and inhabit in our respective home communities / nations. We will experientially explore our own action-logics of climate change and integrate the difficult emotions that may arise in regards to the climate challenge. We will consider in our own cases how the later states and stages of consciousness frame, relate to, and engage climate in novel ways. 

This more fulsome approach to the climate challenge changes the mood around this issue. It presents an optimism that cannot be denied. Climate change response becomes an opportunity to wake up, clean up, grow up, and show up. That is, to not surpass the planetary boundaries that make life possible, we are to engage in a planetary awakening, which occurs nowhere else but within your very self.

 About Gail Hochachka & Lisa Gibson

Gail Hochachka, PhD, studies and works with the human dimensions of climate change. She focuses on the meaning-making processes that people use to bring climate change into their awareness and the various psycho-social aspects that shape choices, motivations, and action. Some of this work explores the action-logics as well as the shadow dynamics that surround the climate change issue today. Her research has been widely published and includes novel insights for climate policy design and engagement. Alongside this academic work, Gail has for decades been a practitioner of human interiors, as a skilled facilitator, a former yoga teacher, and an associate-level integral coach. Much of this practice-based work has sought to integrate interiority in sustainability. In that capacity, she has extensive experience working in sustainable development globally, including co-founding the Integral Without Borders Institute. This background, combined with her current academic research, affords her a unique perspective in the current climate discourse. 

Lisa Gibson is a facilitator, coach, systems change consultant and educator based in Vancouver, Canada with over 25 years experience in local and international work at multiple scales. With a background in social justice, gender and development, and community engagement, Zen meditation and somatic practice, Lisa is particularly interested in the intersections of complexity thinking, inner work, and the capacity to navigate group dynamics as core capacities to affect change in an world with increasingly complex political, economic, environmental and cultural challenges. She specializes in working with individuals, organizations and multistakeholder spaces to embed systemic change, transform belief systems, and construct alliances across diversity towards clarified action. As a founding instructor and curriculum designer in a wide variety of social innovation, systems change, facilitation, mindfulness programs and more. She is passionate about transformative education as a systems intervention to support leaders, organizers, activists and to nudge people and systems towards new stories, possibilities and ways of being. She holds a Masters in Gender and Development from the University of Sussex, is a certified Integral Facilitator and studies with Diane Musho Hamilton in the Two Arrows Zen Center.


STAGES of Relationship: Creating Intimacy at Each Developmental Level

with Kim Barta

TUESDAY + WEDNESDAY, August 29 + 30 at 12 PM MT

In this course, Kim will walk you through the relationship dynamics of each developmental level, illustrating how intimacy is experienced at each developmental level and how shadow issues can form that might harm intimacy in one's relationship. He will outline his new Relationship model and offer a discount for his upcoming Relationship Workshop. You will also be invited to participate in a free shadow assessment that provides a free customized PDF, Video, and 6-week email shadow mini course.

About Kim Barta

Kim Barta is co-founder of STAGES International,  workshop creator, international speaker, and psychotherapist who specializes in shadow work and later levels of consciousness. He developed the STAGES Relationship Inventory.


Explorations in Integral Polarity Practice

with John Kesler & Thomas McConkie

TUESDAYS, August 1 + 8 at 12 PM MT

Integral Polarity Practice (IPP) is a meta-lineage practice that supports human thriving, waking up spiritually and growing up psychologically, by working with the core polarities embedded in each developmental level of the STAGES model. It uses unique group contemplative "voice dialogue" methods for moving consciousness from concrete to subtle to interpenetrative and Metaware states that deepen a wide range of values and virtues.

Session 1 with John Kesler & Thomas McConkie: Integral Polarity Practice in a Meta-lineage Context, Including both Spiritual, and Scientific Lineages. Integral polarity practice (IPP) will be introduced as a spiritual and life practice, including a demonstration of meditative and voice dialogue facilitation. There will then be a presentation by and dialogue between John and Thomas regarding how IPP is informed by, informs and provides a meta-lineage practice environment for a number of spiritual and scientific lineages including but not limited to: the Abrahamic and Indigenous traditions, Buddhism, Vedanta, Taoism, Confucianism, developmental science, cognitive and neural science, attachment theory, and various therapeutic modalities all in the context of an approach to life through an IPP harmonic which could be summarized as: “Living in Sacred Beauty.”

Session 2 with John Kesler: Integral Polarity Practice in Support of Interrelated Individual, Collective, and Ecosystemic Flourishing. John will describe and demonstrate IPP practices which support a unique approach to embracing conflict in a spirit of peacemaking. He will also talk about how how virtually any “dis-stressing" encounter can be converted into a “eu-stressing” experience of finding connections, recognizing our shared humanity and finding a collaborative path forward. This is just one practice modality grounded in IPP principles used in the YOUnify initiative, co-founded and chaired by John, which is rapidly gaining ground in the U.S and globally. John will briefly introduce how IPP practice modalities can be utilized in leadership, organizations, educational processes and other societal applications in support of interrelated individual, collective, and ecosystemic flourishing.

About  John Kesler & Thomas McConkie

John Kesler lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He practices and shares integral polarity practice, meditation, and life practice developed by him, grounded in mindfulness which works with polarities throughout the spectrum of one’s being and the breadth of one’s life, relationships, organizations, and societal involvement. He is a social activist and is co-founder and chair of a non-profit initiative called YOUnify (, which supports people in learning how to bridge their differences and collectively progress on the pressing issues of our time in service human and ecological thriving, locally, nationally, and globally. John does consulting, teaching, and writing primarily in the areas mentioned above in deeply interpenetrating ways. John is also a practicing attorney.

Thomas McConkie is trained as a developmental researcher, facilitator, and mindfulness and IPP teacher. He hosts the Lower Lights Sangha in Salt Lake City, Utah, to create a generative environment where seekers of diverse faith orientations can discover new depths and heights in their evolving personhood. Thomas and John Kesler are the sole senior teachers of IPP, and they collaborate on many IPP offerings. Two IPP-related offerings led by Thomas: Spectra and Mindfulness+.


Metaware Facilitation and Working with Developmental Diversity

with Abigail Lynam & Geoff Fitch

WEDNESDAYS, July 19 + 26 at 12 PM MT

We will offer principles and practices for Metaware facilitation - holding groups and processes in a Metaware field and container. We call this facilitating the field or facilitating from awakened wholeness. The sessions will also include working with developmentally diverse groups–meeting each other with reverence and respect, and supporting both being and becoming. The offering draws on 20 years of experience with Generating Transformative Change, working at the intersection of individual and collective development and emergence.

Topics and Practices:
Metaware facilitation - including content, principles, and practices
Cultivating a Metaware field and container
Integrating and working with developmental diversity
Integrating 5th and 6th person perspectives in facilitation
Awareness and embodiment practices

About Abigail Lynam & Geoff Fitch

Abigail Lynam is a coach with Pacific Integral and faculty for Emergent Leadership: Engaging the Future from Awakened Wholeness and Generating Transformative Change, a 9 month retreat based program. She is faculty for Fielding Graduate University’s PhD in Human and Organizational Development. Abigail is also a scorer and coach/developmental debriefer with Stages International. Her scholarship and practice integrate interior dimensions of human knowledge and experience (culture, worldviews, psychology, wisdom traditions, embodiment, and awareness practices) with interpersonal and collective change innovations. Her passion and prayer is supporting humanity’s developmental unfolding for the sake of future generations and all of life.

Geoff Fitch is a coach, trainer, and facilitator of growth in individuals and organizations, and a creator of transformative learning programs. He is a founder of Pacific Integral, where he was instrumental in the development of the acclaimed Generating Transformative Change program, which has been delivered on three continents. Through these programs, he has researched and developed novel approaches to individual and collective growth and has designed and facilitated dozens of residential learning retreats. He has been exploring diverse approaches to cultivating higher human potentials for over 25 years, including somatic and transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, innovation and creativity, leadership, integral theory, and collective intelligence. Geoff also has over 30 years of experience in leadership in business. He holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and B.S. in Computer Science, magna cum laude, from Boston University.


Developmentally Informed Leadership

with Heiko Veit

TUESDAYS, July 18 + 25 at 12 PM MT

Living a life consciously means leading a life. How can you develop a leadership practice that is integrated into everyday life to serve your continuous development? 

In addition to one's own development, managing and leading groups is also a field of application for a STAGES-informed practice. In this two part workshop there will be suggestions and concrete experiments.

In the first session, you will learn a specific reflection and activity process for yourself and we will look at systemic ways to lead groups. In the second session we look at more individual ways to lead groups.

About Heiko Veit

Heiko is a development nerd. Not only out of passion, but above all, out of necessity; because the everyday and global challenges of our time are so great that we have to break new ground. Heiko designs development spaces to ask the right questions and find effective answers. To fix causes instead of working on symptoms. To initiate transformation and accompany development, for organizations as well as for people. He integrates STAGES (Scoring, Debriefing, Coaching) in his many other modalities and especially in the field of organizational development. Heiko published a book in 2018 about Integral organizational development.


Cultural Pluralism and Diversity: Growing Down as Growing Up

with Sushant Shrestha & Abigail Lynam 


In these divisive times, we are called to embrace cultural pluralism and diversity to build unity. We will explore transformative change through self-inquiry, multiculturalism, and breakthrough ideas. Participants will develop their understanding of diverse perspectives and demonstrate multicultural intelligence for better sense-making. We address the development of individuals and collectives, including and valuing growing down and growing up.

About Sushant Shrestha & Abigail Lynam 

 Sushant Shrestha is a Nepali-American entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to understanding multicultural identities and a sense of belonging. Growing up as a member of the Nepali diaspora in the United States, he brings a unique perspective to the conversation around cultural pluralism and diversity. He has also worked with the Dena'ina Athabascan community in Alaska on an indigenous modernity project. As a Founding Partner at Conscious Full-Spectrum Finance Institute, Sushant brings a whole system transformation approach to social finance. He is also a Founder and Managing Partner at Humanitas Smart Planet Systems, a venture capital firm investing in climate tech and social tech. Additionally, Sushant serves as an adjunct faculty member at National University, California, where he teaches leadership and sustainable change courses. With a background in finance, management, and integral psychology, Sushant's expertise in management consulting, business systems analysis, and sustainable finance has generated over 20M+ in growth capital for his portfolio companies. He is passionate about scaling transformative technologies globally to meet the challenges of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Overall, Sushant's unique combination of cultural awareness and business acumen makes him a valuable contributor to the upcoming book on cultural pluralism and diversity. His insights and experiences will provide readers with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in navigating cultural divides.

Abigail Lynam’s scholarship and practice sits at the intersection of individual, collective, and systemic development and transformation. She is core faculty for Fielding Graduate University’s Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development. An area of emphasis is adult developmental psychology applied to adult learning, leadership, coaching, intercultural awareness, and social change. Abigail is also faculty and a coach for Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change retreat-based leadership program in Seattle, South Pacific, and Ethiopia. She taught in a variety of contexts including graduate and undergraduate programs, online and intensive learning community-based programs, and internationally in India, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, and Mexico. She is a qualified administrator and coach with the intercultural development inventory. She is also a scorer, debriefer, and coach with Stages of adult development and is trained as a facilitator of Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, Joanna Macy’s Practices that Reconnect, and Integral Polarity Practice.

An Integrative Developmental Approach to Family Harmony

with Fionn Wright & Almu Gonzalez

WEDNESDAYS, June 28 + July 5 at 12 PM MT

Session 1: Creating a Tailored Developmental Pathway for a Family Almu and Fionn will guide participants through our developmentally-informed approach to supporting intergenerational families at Qineticare, the World’s First Family Health Office. Starting with an overview of the range of challenges we see in family systems, we will share how we approach supporting the family towards harmony, including in depth explanation of assessments, tailored pathways from foundation to transformation to integration and retreats for siblings, spouses and inter-generational families.

Session 2: Case Study of Supporting Family Harmony as an Integrative Team Through an interactive workshop where we examine a family case study together, participants share what they see as possible in terms of supporting harmony. Almu and Fionn will then guide participants through the process we take, using the case study as an example, to support a family through a developmental journey of healing intergenerational trauma to support harmony, working as an integrative team. We will share some of our experiences of dealing with the challenges that arise and how we come into coherence around them, as well as the structures and processes needed to hold individually and collectively in order to support individuals and families through a tailored developmental journey.

About Almu Gonzalez & Fionn Wright

Almudena Gonzalez is the Wellbeing Head at Qineticare. As a certified STAGES International Coach, Scorer, Debriefer and Coach Supervisor, she works with individuals and groups in any stage of development. By identifying the developmental perspectives available to the individual or system, touching the individual’s essence, discovering developmental or existential transitions, guiding the process, clearing the path, Almudena helps facilitate simple and practical insights to normalize the shift. Her aspiration is that our true Essence is revealed, aligning our ways of seeing, being and relating to self, others and the world.

Almudena has taken part in a broad spectrum of professional activities from science research to landscape architecture, biotech innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as adult development and train the trainers program design and delivery. Almudena is an accredited Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.

Fionn Wright is the Wellbeing Head at Qineticare. Having grown up in a family business in Europe and Africa, he earned his Bachelor in International Business from UBC while learning to speak fluent Chinese. Seeing gaps in Shanghai’s traditional market for corporate training, children’s education and language learning, Fionn founded and ran 3 innovative coaching companies, and led a team to develop the first Holistic Wellness Programs in China.

Fionn is also trained in Neuroscience for Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness-based Somatic Therapy, STAGES Developmental Coaching, Leadership Circle Assessment, Business Coaching, Transformative Leadership and with a Masters in Leadership Coaching, he now teaches over 40 types of meditation.

Making it his daily mission to transform into the best husband, father and human being he can be to help as many people as he can live a life they love, Fionn now coaches entrepreneurs, executives and family business leaders around the world, sharing his vision to evolve our planetary consciousness and ensure a sustainable future for humanity through TV, live-streaming, vlogging, writing, consulting, podcasting & speaking.


Modern Zen and STAGES:

Becoming One With the Evolutionary Process

with Santiago Santai Jimenez

TUESDAYS, June 27 + July 4 at 12 PM MT

This will be a very interactive course. It can be seen as an interactive meditation dialogue designed to help us embody some of the stages in a deep way. We will use the Big Mind / Big Heart process, created by Zen Master Genpo Roshi and described by Ken Wilber as “arguably the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries of Buddhism”. This methodology is an example of how Buddhism is integrating the wisdom of development. Even though we might understand the stages in a cognitive way, this practice can give us a truly lived experience of them, allowing us to discover new perspectives around the stages we already know, and even have glimpses of some that haven't emerged yet.

About Santiago Santai Jimenez

Santiago Santai is a Zen monk, developmental coach, industrial engineer, multi-instrumentalist musician and music producer with credits in two latin grammy nominated albums. He has worked in different countries with individuals and groups ranging from indigenous tribes to multinational executives, sometimes in the same setting. Witnessing how people from diverse life paths can share the experience of growing up and waking up together is always a powerfully transformative experience for him.


Evolution of Emptiness

with Kimberley Lafferty

WEDNESDAYS, June 14 + 21 at 12 PM MT

This session will weave Indo-Tibetan Emptiness meditation & constructive development theories to explore a new convergence of spiritual awakening & developmental growth. We will explore:

What is our true nature?
What can we discover about the ultimate nature of reality by applying developmental wisdom?

Through a combination of embodied practice, meditative exploration, and group discussion, we will offer a unique practice framework that aligns the deep truths of the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition and the insights in ego development research. Our aim is to guide participants to engage with the most effective developmental models of relative reality in order to perceive their own ultimate reality.

About Kimberley Lafferty

Kimberley Theresa Lafferty is a seasoned teacher-practitioner specializing in constructive developmental psychology and spirituality. She leads multi-year, private spiritual education cohorts with the Confluence Experience. Kimberley co-leads, with Terri O’Fallon, the second Mind's I year-long developmental course of Stages International. She is an active Board member for the Association for Spiritual Integrity. Kimberley is also a wife and mother to a young son, living in a remote valley of the North Cascades of North America which deeply impacts her worldview and practice


Enoughness: Reconditioning Stories of Deficiency and Lack through the Developmental STAGES

with Jill Thomas

TUESDAYS, June 13 + 20 at 12 PM MT

This course introduces you to the very easy and practical uses of Jill Thomas’s Enoughness Story Map. This map proposes that our stories of scarcity are potentially the source of much of our suffering and that evaluating our environment and changing our behavior based on abundance can free us from conditioning of not being, having, becoming, and doing enough. By recognizing our stories of enoughness, we can develop new strategies from fullness, challenge assumptions about our behavior, and positively impact our internal and external world. Combining theories from various practices, this map can be used to expand our awareness and show us our shadow patterns and how we experiences of enoughness in each unique issue in our life. The Enoughness Map can be used to assist individuals, families, practitioners, and collectives in showing up in unique ways to promote developmental fullness.

The way we see the world is limited by our perspective, like looking through a periscope. This perspective helps us organize and make sense of the world, but it also restricts our understanding to only a small part of reality. Our perspectives on scarcity or deficiency could be seen as part of our shadow material, representing a disowned aspect of ourselves that we may project onto the world around us. By becoming aware of our own inner scarcity narratives and working to integrate them into our conscious awareness, we may be able to move towards a more abundant and fulfilling life. You are invited to take this course and dive deep into your own developmental and become aware of where your own “not enoughness” is showing up in your life.

Scarcity is a natural and necessary part of survival, and our innate survival mechanisms are designed to protect us in times of scarcity. However, our perceptions of scarcity can also be shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, even if they are not entirely accurate. These stories can lead us to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms or to react in ways that may not serve us well in the long run – no matter our developmental stage. By recognizing and questioning our stories of scarcity, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities and desires that can bring greater intention, creativity, and spiritual fulfillment to our lives.

In this course your will learn how to map the enoughness stories you tell yourselves. These stories are influenced by various factors such as our relationships, issues, and tracks of life. We are not limited to one story, but are every story and every part. You will see how these stories show up in relationship, in parenting, and in work. You will learn how you directly attracting scarcity and enoughness patterns into your life. The class serves to shed light on where we are showing up in our lives and invites us to embrace more fullness rather than progress and scarcity, which can have a significant impact on their trajectory in life and as a species.

Please note that the Enoughness Story Map does not drive or motivate individuals to strive for higher levels of consciousness. In this sense, the Enoughness Map highlights the emergence and integration of different structures of consciousness and the potential for individuals to embrace more freedom and satisfaction in their lives.

About Jill Thomas

Jill is a wife and mother of five. She is also a certified developmental coach who uses the STAGES of human development model to learn how her clients and students experience and perceive the world. This helps her understand their strengths, challenges, unseen shadows and untapped "enoughness". Jill helps you understand scarcity stories, others' perspectives, and to create lasting shifts in understanding and mindset. This means undergoing a willing process of transformation, as individuals learn to observe, question and transform their way of being through tapping in to their own inner wholeness.