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The Mind's I: 

A 12-month living immersion in the STAGES matrix with Terri O'Fallon and Kimberley Lafferty. For students and leaders of evolutionary awakening.

Come walk the path of maturing awareness with a like-hearted cohort from around the world. Guided by two living lineage holders, let your story lead you home.   

Enrollment opens once per year. Early bird ends July 15th. Course begins September 12.


“Going through the Mind’s I is like living through a kaleidoscope of everyone you've ever been, but with all the context, education, love and support you didn’t have the first time. Like clearing out lost cobwebs with a cosmic broom. Or accidental healing that happens around an educational campfire. It’s a brilliant, beautiful experience. I’m so grateful.” 

~ Michelle David 2024 Mind’s I Grad: Life Coach, Artist, Mother 


The journey from birth into the latest stages of human development is a journey of human becoming, moving ever more deeply into immeasurable love. 

We do not make this claim lightly. We do not say it because we wish it to be so, or because saints and sages point that way. We say it because it is evident everywhere in the decades of research we've conducted over decades at STAGES International with people just like you.

We have observed for years now how understanding human development can affect a cohort of loving, like-minded souls, healing trauma, resolving psychological shadow, supporting personal transitions and re-integrating one's “story” in impactful ways. 

We built the Mind’s I to support you in the natural process of your evolving awakening, so that you may do so with efficiency and ease, and help others do the same. 

Join us.

What is the Mind's I? 

A year-long program for people who want to rediscover and make peace with the evolving being that they are, and connect more deeply others. An embodied investigation into all twelve levels of the STAGES model, for personal and professional growth.

There are five pillars to this process:


If you want to experience a lifetime transformation, find a treasurable community, deeply understand, love, and heal each part of your life, join the Mind’s I.

Veronica Yepez Reyna

It REALLY landed that where we are on the developmental trajectory is not important, just that we “fill out the balloon” as best we can at each stage, so that we can be fully functional and happy human beings The Mind’s I course is a profound practice in vertical development. The course has allowed me to overcome some very persistent brick walls that have been blocking my development. That, combined with access to Terri’s expertise and unwavering generosity of spirit, provided an ideal pathway to growth. We gained remarkable insights from our new perspectives on how the trajectory of our lives intertwines with larger cultural and generational patterns. The whole process has been enormously freeing. I am forever grateful.

Isabelle de Geofroy

As a result of the Mind’s I, my creativity has started to flow. I just feel so much more alive, safer in the world I'm a co-creator in my own life, which was not an experience I had before

Judy Lyons

I am quite in awe about how being in this space with the instructors and the group is a doorway for me to embrace more of myself, heal some parts, deepen my shadow work. Quite an intense emotional experience!

Sylvie Faisandier

Who is this for?

Anyone asking the deeper questions of life who wants to understand where they’ve come from, where they are, and where they’re going – as an unfolding of the evolutionary process itself.

Our participants often fall into these categories:

People going through major, often disorienting, changes in life or consciousness. It can be challenging when we don’t have language to describe what we’re going through. As we move into what we call Tier Three, or the MetAware Tier, we start to get into experiences that we might not have a frame for, let alone words. These are the outer reaches of our own human becoming and development. Mind’s I provides a frame – and words for something beyond words – that actually arises from validated research. That’s a very exciting and relieving place to be.

Philosophers, seekers, therapists, facilitators, students and practitioners of awakening. Some of us seem to be born with the burning questions alive in our hearts: “What is this place? How is any of this working? What is life? What is god? What am I, and what does it all mean?” If you want to understand how the connection with something greater than ourselves, or the lack of it, impacts us at every stage of our life journey, Mind’s I was made for you.

Professionals contributing to the field of human development. It’s one thing to understand a model theoretically, to read a book or attend a lecture series. It’s altogether different to master a model by bringing it to life through the vehicle of your existence. To review your developmental journey through the lens of a clinically researched, peer-reviewed model while intimately  supported by living experts and a committed cohort. In Mind’s I, we embody the model that we may innovate the field. 

People ready to move beyond persistent sticking points in their lives. Have you ever seen something in a new light and then suddenly “everything makes sense”? As if the unrest, resistance, or confusion simply falls out of the equation and you’re left in spacious clarity? Mind’s I is like that, but with your whole life. Many participants report resolving deep-rooted patterns of pain because of the perspective Mind’s I provides.

Parents and coaches, therapists, or facilitators who want to be very good at what they do. It’s not necessarily that your 4-yr old isn’t listening or “won’t follow the rules.” It’s likely they don’t remember the rules because they haven’t developed a working memory yet. It’s not necessarily that your client won’t work with their parts “because they’re resistant.” It might be that they can’t see their parts yet because that only happens in later stages of development. When you understand the STAGES Matrix , it’s like being able to read the DNA of people’s consciousness in real time. That means you can meet them where they are, and give them what they need. (Including yourself.)

People who want to write, explore or understand their life story.  For clarity, we’re not here to “be professional writers.” We’re here to master a developmental framework by illuminating your personal experience -  aka your life story. We’re here to support you in understanding where you come from, how that has shaped you, and to liberate any life force that’s been stuck or malnourished along the way. That said, people appreciate walking away with 12 chapters about their life, a true treasure. It also helps to document the treasures of perspectives that seem to arise at each developmental level. The learning is reciprocal–the STAGES Matrix evolves as you do.

Course Requirements

To participate fully in this cohort you need some prior experience of the STAGES model. If you have not already taken at least two STAGES courses, you can easily satisfy the requirements by completing two of our self-paced courses, The Three Questions and Developmental Gifts & Confusions, within one month after the start of the course (by November 7). Please reach out if you need confirmation that you have completed the required prerequisite courses.


Embedded in this course is a deep intention for you to experience the blessings of your life and where life’s led you, wherever that may be. It’s an invitation to participate in healing that may need to occur for continued development and embodiment of all healthy stages. We aim to support you in a well-documented pattern of evolutionary awakening, both in states and stages, as your life’s journey continues. We’re so grateful you’re here. 

Meet Your Instructors

Two experts in the fields of advanced Human Development and Integral Spirituality, sharing the best practices and protocols modern research provides on evolutionary awakening.

About Terri O'Fallon

Terri is a researcher, teacher, coach, spiritual director, and designer of transformative containers committed to ongoing research on the STAGES developmental matrix. She is a founder of STAGES International, designing transformative experiences and programs based on this integral developmental model. Terri holds masters degrees in Special Education, and in Spiritual Direction. She holds an Integral Ph.D. in Transformative Learning and Change. She’s internationally recognized as a leader in developmental theory and practice, teaching courses and giving conference presentations on states and STAGES worldwide.

She’s a mother, grandmother, teacher, coach, spiritual director, and one of the most passionate living researchers in adult development. (She’s also one of the kindest beings on Earth, full disclosure.)

About Kimberley Lafferty

Kimberley Theresa Lafferty is a seasoned teacher-practitioner specializing in constructive developmental psychology and spirituality. She leads multi-year, private spiritual education cohorts with the Confluence Experience and is unparalleled at facilitating “state experiences.” A graduate of the Mind’s I, herself, this will be her second year co-leading Mind’s I at Stages International. She’s an active board member for the Association for Spiritual Integrity. Kimberley lives with her husband, her teen son, and her chocolate labrador retrievers in a remote valley of the North Cascades of North America, which deeply impacts her worldview and practice.


My experience with The Mind’s I program was nothing short of fantastic. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking personal and/or professional advancement. It has undoubtedly enriched my career as a functional medicine doctor and has been instrumental in broadening my perspective on life

Dr. Miles Nichols

I was hesitant because of the cost and afraid it was just another mental structure that made people think they were special/superior, but that fear was blown out of the water by the life-changing experiences that have happened. I am seeing myself so much clearer.

Sophia Alexander

My favorite part was writing the chapters, and the huge insights that came out of it. It forced me to review and recontextualize my life path, to deconstruct some old and painful stories and see them as stepping stones to the next chapter. Basically, it was powerful shadow work. And I love the partner pairs. It’s such an intimate experience, and yet also impersonal. So liberating.

Isabelle de Geofroy

I am quite in awe about how being in this space with the instructors and the group is a doorway for me to embrace more of myself, heal some parts, deepen my shadow work. Quite an intense emotional experience!

Sylvie Faisandier

Investments & What's Included

We ask that you bring an openness and willingness to engage personally and vulnerably with peers, and to examine all aspects of your developmental life and experienced states. You will receive: 
  • Your individual STAGES assessment scored and debriefed by Terri. 
  • Exclusive written reports on each of the 12 stages, including many hours of additional resources. 
  • One-on-one partner and small group support to deepen your lived experience and aid in the writing of your autobiographical chapters.
  • Thorough notes from Terri and Kimberley on each autobiographical chapter you write, pointing out the gifts and strengths at each level of your development, plus areas that could support your continued growth. 
  • Group teaching and Q&A with Terri & Kimberley. Priceless time spent with two living experts & highly developed humans. We meet for 2 hours each, twice per month over the course of an entire year. 

Early Bird investment = $6500 when you apply by July 15, 2024

Monthly payment plans available.  


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Mind's I Registration

TUITION: $7000

After you register, you will receive a registration link for an assessment with Terri O'Fallon. This is included in the cost of tuition, and is required unless you purchased an assessment after September 1, 2022 that was scored and debriefed by Terri. Please plan to take the assessment at your earliest convenience.


  • See your life in a whole new way
  • Deepen your connection with everyone you know
  • Heal intergenerational conflict
  • Learn from collective intelligence emerging from a unique and generative group
  • Overcome persistent obstacles that have blocked your growth or healing
  • Evolve into the highest validated stages of human development
  • And master a developmental model that will support you for the rest of your life

  JOIN US.     


You were born as love. Through the STAGES, you return. 

Early bird ends July 15th, while spaces last.