Embodying Development & Awakening

with Santiago Jimenez  


Explore the relationship between Development and Spirituality.

Four 2 Hour Live Online Sessions
Wednesdays | 10 AM MT
June 26, July 3, 10, 17



Part of a New Tradition

We have the privilege and the challenge of living in an exceptional era. For the first time in history, the ancient wisdom of the East and the modern wisdom of the West are coming together in a dance that is producing exciting ways to understand how human beings develop through time and awaken to their timeless nature. Expressions such as Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind / Big Heart process and John Kessler’s Integral Polarity Practice are examples of this. 

The following course has been created in the spirit of these new traditions. 

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What’s the course about?

During this four-week intensive online course, we will take a Developmental and Spiritual Journey as we ride on different aspects or ‚Äúvoices‚ÄĚ of the self, following their growth through the stages. We will explore four fundamental voices as they transform through the tiers, eventually taking us into an experience of our boundless/timeless nature.

The voices we will work with:

The wanting mind (concrete tier) which grows into the seeking mind (subtle tier) and eventually shifts into the non-seeking mind (metaware tier)

The choosing mind (concrete tier) which grows into the discriminating mind (subtle tier) and then shifts into the non-discriminating mind (metaware tier) 

The concrete protector which grows into a subtle protector, and eventually is able to relax and flow as an integrated metaware protector

The voice of trust in the concrete stage realm, which grows into confidence in the subtle stage realm, and then the deep faith that arises in the metaware stage realm  

Who’s the course for? 

Someone interested in how spirituality and development can come together in an integrated way. 

Anyone who wants to bring their cognitive understanding of development into an embodied, felt experience of it.

Someone who doesn't know or is beginning to understand the STAGES model and wants to experience it directly, right from the start.

Coaches, therapists, healing practitioners, spiritual directors, religious leaders, and teachers who want to deepen their understanding of the relationship between development and spirituality, so that they can better support those they work with.

What might you leave with?

Through this course, you may 

  • Learn through direct experience how the sense of self begins to form and develops through the stages, all the way to the realization of its boundless/timeless nature.¬†¬†
  • Discover the primordial wisdom and compassion that arise when the different aspects of our self are both transcended and included.
  • Learn how the ‚Äúabsolute‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúrelative‚ÄĚ truths integrate.¬†
  • Use daily life as an optimal space for spiritual growth.

The Methodology

The course includes four sessions in which we will use the tool of voice dialogue in specific ways, as an interactive form of collective meditation that will allow us to explore the journey of these different voices as they develop through the stages, possibly integrating shadow material, and diving into our fundamental timeless/boundless nature.

The course also includes a workbook diary designed to apply and cement any insights from the participants into their daily lives. 

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About Santiago 

The course is taught by Santiago Santai Jimenez, an ordained Zen monk authorized to teach by his lineage, a certified Big Mind / Big Heart process facilitator, and a certified STAGES coach and debriefer.  

Santiago integrates what is usually understood as the gradual and sudden approaches to awakening, combining the systematic development of the mind found in some Buddhist traditions, with the immediate realization that is characteristic of some forms of Zen. After coming in contact with developmental theory and specifically the STAGES model, he became passionate about the relationship between Development and Awakening, working on the creation of skillful means that support people in both of these human dimensions.