STAGES Assessment

Practitioner Partners

Are you looking for a professional who can help you in your development using a STAGES Assessment?

We maintain a network of coaches, mentors, consultants and therapists who use STAGES in their work with clients. All practitioners in this network are Certified Debriefers and we have formal agreements to insure their use of STAGES conforms to high professional and ethical standards. We nourish this network with ongoing training, and we encourage them to share their experience with each other so that we can continually refine STAGES and its applications.

In choosing a practitioner you’ll be looking for someone who you can work with for a period of time for the type of developmental support you need. The practitioner will make arrangements for you to take a STAGES Assessment, debrief you on the results, then work with you to guide you based on the STAGES Assessment and their overall expertise in the STAGES model. Information about each of them is below and you can contact them directly. Most will offer a no or low cost initial interview so you can determine if there is a good fit between you.

Current Practitioner Partners

Joseph Feely - Ireland

79 Kinvara Road, Navan Road, Dublin Ireland DO7 PVOO

I am a spiritual guide. This means I walk with people in their life course. I listen for underlying feelings and energies and point out to clients what they may be telling them. I suggest strategies for self management and navigation of life. I approach clients with sensitivity and awareness of developmental trajectories. All of life is open for exploration but the main areas people explore with me are work, partner, family, friends and spirituality.

Kabir Kadre - USA

5640 Mill Peak Rd.
San Diego CA 92120 United States

STAGES Development…

One of the ways that wisdom enriches our lives is by helping us come to terms with the nature of change. In many cases, we can see that change is really development; this does not mean that we value all development equally, nor does it imply that development imparts value directly. This change/development, however, is essential to our own nature. Understanding ourselves in this context can bring significant compassion as well as agility as we move through the cycles of our lives.

Throughout our lives, it can be said, we move through a progressive inquiry of perspective taking. We can understand this journey of evolutionary wisdom through a lens revealing 12 distinctly identified and well-defined stages. By understanding the nature of these stages, how and to what extent any of them may be active, and our particular relationship to them, we can find ourselves insightfully empowered towards a more effective, more awakened, self knowing. At any point we may be seen to be sourcing our meaning making and the logics from which we derive our actions from the perspectives represented by these stages. In certain cases, taking a developmental perspective can be a powerful leverage tool for gaining insight into the wisdom of our current unfolding, or possible choices we may make along the way.

Venita Ramirez - USA

4111 E Windsong Avenue
Spokane, WA 99223 United States

Venita loves using the breath, awareness and her knowledge of state and stage development to help people grow, transform, heal and awaken. Her clients come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Many are consultants, coaches, mind/body practitioners and visionary leaders. Some are physicians, executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, and artists. They are intuitively, energetically and sensually gifted and/or would like to develop these gifts of expanded awareness and greater presence in their work and in their lives.

Venita has taught embodied and transpersonal awareness to individuals and groups for more than thirty years. After completing her graduate program in Psychology in 1985, Venita trained extensively with Bennet Wong, M.D. and Jock McKeen, M.D. in Depth Psychology, Bioenergetics, Gestalt, Reichian Breathwork, Psychodrama, acupuncture theory and energy medicine.

In 2006 Venita began her association with Terri O’Fallon and Geoff Fitch, as a colleague and then partner, co-designing and co-leading the nine-month Generating Transformative Change (GTC) program in Australia/New Zealand, Ethiopia and the U.S. From 2006-2016 Venita participated in the first ten years of the StAGES research, observing the growth and development of individuals over a period of nine-months to several years. She received certification as a Stages scoring analyst in 2014 and continues to incorporate this valuable knowledge of state and stage development into her work with clients.

Over the years, Venita has blended her knowledge and experience of states and stages with her training in psychology, bodywork, and energy. The result is a powerful culmination of wholeness that brings with it a transmission of expanded consciousness, a life of greater flow and ease, and a sense of freedom, love, clarity, wonder and peace.

“Through our time together you will awaken to a more vital way of being human, revealing your greatest potential in every moment, and clearing your mind, heart and soul to receive and to give all that is possible for you.”

Please contact Venita or visit her website if you are interested in learning more.

“I am a more open, loving and connected human being as a result of Venita’s skill as a coach, confidant and guide. And my everyday presence and acceptance of my life’s unfolding fills me with an experience of joy that is a testament to the beauty of Venita’s way of working.”
Richard Harmer, PhD, CEO/Consultant – Melbourne, Australia

Nikki Thompson - Australia
Echo Hills 6269 Roma Taroom Rd Wallumbilla Qld 4428 Australia

Nikki loves working in the developmental arena of coaching and consulting. The Stages model has been an integral part of working in that space. Insight into meaning making and perspective taking fine tunes the coaching space to allow for deeper, wiser awakenings and insights.

Jane Weintraub - USA

801 Confidence Dr Unit 15
Longmont, CO 80504 United States

John Wood - Australia

5 Daly Street, Somerton Park, South Australia 5045 Australia

Executive and senior leadership development and coaching, executive team building, culture change and transformation, specialising in applications of mindful awareness to leadership development.