Jason Harrison


+44 7968 111717

I have a colourful obsession with socks and a lovely way of deeply disorienting people. I work as a systemic coach, organisation consultant and supervisor and am hugely interested in learning how people and systems can transform into healthier versions of themselves. My intentions are to support people to shift their perspective on their life and work so that they can engage in more meaningful action.

I am intensely curious about what lies at the heart of our selves and how we can become more able to clear away the clutter that inhibits our growth. My current focus is in mindfully applying vertical development theory to our psycho-spiritual evolution as individuals and collectives. I have 3 boys who provide me with multiple opportunities to practice being compassionate and to integrate the parts of my own life that I’ve somehow pushed away. They also offer me ways to develop my in-the-moment awareness along with multiple reminders of how easy it is to collapse back into the earlier stages of development!


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February 16, 2019