Academic Papers

The Love Matrix

You are a symphony of love. An amazing amalgamation of music and instruments, all working together to transmit love and vitality magically—through the air— to and between those receiving your love song. The first step in this magical journey, is to learn what it means to actually receive love. We love to feel loved. It simultaneously softens us, excites us, relaxes us and vitalizes us.

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Science as a Spiritual Practice

I am the a seed of consciousness that sprouts and blossoms as a universal pool of life giving essence which holds all things. Life is perfect in its universal boundlessness, which is grace itself—is a gift of One enduring sacred pulse that permeates all insides and outsides, with ever present love. Perfection has formed us into the imperfect—our mistakes, our virtues our agony, our doubts all nested within and healed through omnipresent, timeless splendor. (unknown)

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The Senses: Demystifying Awakening

Integral Theory Conference July 2013, San Francisco, USA Abstract: Our humble senses, derivatives of space and time, can be seen as the fertilized egg of Awakening. Our earliest insights from the senses arrive as states, and these sensorial roots can grow into the...

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