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Frontiers of Consciousness

Unfolding Four MetAware Stages

A 4-week Online Course with Terri O’Fallon PhD.
Frontiers describes the research underpinning the highest stages yet known to us. We will explore the difference between states and stages in these levels, and the unfolding of the descriptions of qualities we see emerging at these four later levels of development. We will explore these questions:

  • If we’re developing, we’re headed somewhere. But where? And how do we get there?
  • Higher stages and higher states are profoundly misunderstood, even among those of us who spend lots of time talking about them. What are the characteristics of the highest levels of human development?

Love as Never Before

Audio Series

Recorded workshop with Terri O’Fallon PhD, Kim Barta MA & Marj Britt

This go-at-your-own-pace audio program features Terri O’Fallon, Kim Barta, and Marj Britt in a lively interaction with each other and the audience, and features more than 14 hours of talks recorded over 15 digestible sessions. This audio series highlights the parameters of egoic growth and how this growth reconfigures love as our development occurs. Since our view of self, other, and so much more transforms as we develop, it makes sense that our perception of what love is also changes through time. In a phrase, love grows up.