STAGES Essentials for Psychotherapy & Coaching

Course Begins:
January 31, 2019

Online Course

STAGES Essentials is an 8-week live video online course on the application of the STAGES model of human development to psychotherapy and coaching. The course is also very applicable to other professions that give professional guidance, including mentors, team leaders, facilitators, counselors, spiritual advisors, somatic and alternative healers, and others.

The course is taught by Terri O’Fallon PhD and Kim Barta MA. The STAGES model was developed by Terri based on almost 10 years of research (that is ongoing), and Kim has been pioneering applications of the model in psychotherapy for more than five years.

Spectra: Nine Month Training

9 months in duration (starting May 2019)

Four onsite retreats at Scholls Lodge in Scholls, Oregon (near Portland)

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Lower Lights School of Wisdom for an upcoming four part retreat in beautiful Scholls, Oregon that starts in May 2019. SPECTRA: A 9-Month Journey of Transformation is an experiential training program that deeply engages consciousness, personal and collective evolution, and service to the world. The curriculum draws from ancient Wisdom traditions, cutting edge psychological science and transformational group processes.

Love As Never Before Workshop

Event Dates:
February 11-14, 2019

Unity of Orange County
23181 Verdugo Dr., Laguna Hills, CA

Love. We seek it, we give it, we engage in it with others. Humanity across time and cultures embraces love. Love is interwoven into the very fabric of our body, soul and spirit. We feel it in ourselves and we feel it in those we love. Love is often described as something pure and unchanging. But when we look at ourselves and those around us we see and feel how our love grows. This workshop is about that growth. How love grows and develops in stages throughout our life. That is…

Love grows up just as we grow up.

We know love develops. Now we know how love develops. Recent research into love and how it grows in stages can help us to be the most loving people we can be. With this new information we can map our own stages of love as a guide for our own development. The implications of this are quite profound!

Shadow Patterns: The Evolution of Shadow Resolution

Course Begins:
January 16, 2019

Online Course

Deepening Your Shadow Resolution Work—at Every Level of Your Development

One of the strengths of the STAGES Model is how well it shows that every shadow has a development level—even the later levels. STAGES is extraordinarily good at pinpointing these levels, which is essential for the healing process. This approach to shadow is part of all of the STAGES trainings we offer.

Although being able to pinpoint the level of your shadow is essential, full resolution of shadow issues often requires an even more nuanced approach that can deal with the particulars of how the shadow came to be created but then hidden from conscious awareness.

Shadow into Soul: Illuminating Your Highest Potentials

Course Begins:
October 9, 2018

Online Course

To watch the webinar and download your free eBook:

In this 8-week online course, Terri and Kim will lead you through the process of applying the STAGES Matrix model to your life in a very real and practical way.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of your life as you begin to identify your developmental strengths and learn how to enhance them. You’ll also locate your weaknesses and learn how to strengthen the parts of yourself that will help resolve and heal your own personal Shadow issues.

The process will reveal more clearly how you arrived at where you are today, and how you can move forward in an integrative way.

Shadow into Soul: Uncover Your Hidden Shadow & Reveal Your Highest Potentials

September 8, 2018
9:30 am Pacific


What if your shadow is really the doorway to your soul?

When we are in a state of flow or openness, we are often operating from our “leading edge” developmental stage. Likewise, when we’re stressed or in a reactive state, we may fall into earlier stage emotions, thinking, behavior and relationships.

Discover how to assess your stages of personal development and learn to build a pathway that removes obstacles and heals trauma so you can fulfill your highest potentials. As part of this FREE webinar, you’ll receive a powerful tool that will help uncover your hidden shadow and reveal your highest potentials.