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Collective Issues Have Developmental Levels

All collectives, including families, corporations, and businesses of all kinds have issues that need to be faced. Usually the way we work with this is to take a shotgun approach—that is, we try the intervention that seems most likely to work given our experience and understanding of the concern. However, there is a much more effective and efficient way to approach any troubling process that we encounter in our collectives.

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New Year, New Name, New Programs!

We’re excited to announce some big changes for 2018! First, as you’ll notice, we have changed our name from Developmental Life Design to STAGES International. We’re expanding our services and this new name better reflects our service offerings. It also better reflects...

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Five Ways that STAGES Can Improve Therapy and Coaching

To find out more about Terri's and Kim's new course, STAGES Essentials for Psychotherapy & Coaching, we invite you to a free intro session to the course on September 20. Click here for more information and to sign up for free. To find out more about...

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The Building Blocks of Shadow and Spirit

Strange as it may seem, the building blocks of shadow are the same exact building blocks of spirit. The only difference is how we use those building blocks. If we use them to understand the nature of reality more accurately, then we move to higher, stronger, broader,...

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Growing Up is Like Blowing up a Balloon

Growing up through stages is often depicted in a stair step image. You begin at a baby stage, and then take a step up to a toddler stage, then to a preteen, an adolescent, an early adult, and finally as an elder you make it to the top of the stair case, or the...

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Welcome from Kim

Hello everyone! Welcome to STAGES International! Terri and I are so excited to introduce you to our new website and to all the events and offerings we have. The world has been so welcoming to us and we want to return the favor by welcoming you into our lives. STAGES...

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Welcome from Terri

A warm greeting to you all! I am looking forward to connecting with you, and learning with you the ways that our work with STAGES might be of service to you personally in your continued discovery of yourself, your family and your work.

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Growing Up is Waking Up

“Growing up is waking up is growing up” is my life’s passion. To me, “growing” and “waking" are quite interdependent. Here's how: Growing Up By “growing up” I mean the developmental phases we go through in our lives. Most of us can see this happening with babies. When...

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Exploring Shadow, Deepening Soul

When Soul is taken hostage by shadow, our connection to Spirit is shackled. We may fight against it, run from it, or become complacent in it, but never free ourselves from it. Release from the bindings of shadow has been shrouded in magical thinking since Freud first...

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