An Introduction to STAGES for Therapists & Coaches

October 1, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am PT

Online Course

We’re delighted to announce that we will be offering our online course, STAGES for Psychotherapy and Coaching, again this fall. This 8-week course is intended to give therapists and coaches a solid understanding of the STAGES model and its application in work with clients. Our first offering of the course was enthusiastically received and we’re adding a few things to the next version that will make it even richer.

On Sunday, October 1, we’re hosting a free live video Intro Session to our new course. We invite you to participate and find out how the STAGES model can help enhance your therapy or coaching practice.

When you sign up you get two free bonus PDFs: “Overview of the STAGES Model” and “Developmental Coaching”.

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Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Level 5’/Teal Organization – Part 2

Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Level 5’/Teal Organization – Part 2

September 19, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PT

Online Course

Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Level 5’/Teal Organization – Part 2

Hosted by Maureen Metcalf

September 19, 2017 at 11am Pacific

This is the second interview exploring the idea of Level 5/Teal organizations. During this discussion, we delve more deeply into how we can foster the development of these leading edge capacities. Further exploring organizational shadow and integrative thinking, we will look at case studies, practical examples and interventions that support level 5 leadership and organizational development.

  • Why are trust and safety important quality in teal organizational culture?
  • Are level 5/ teal capacities skills that we can learn or do we just have to “be” a level 5 / teal leader?
  • Exactly how can organization and leaders become more adaptive?
  • What is organizational shadow? Why is it important? How can we identify it and work with it?
  • What are organizational polarities and how to teal leaders and organization deal with them that goes beyond decision making or multiple bottom line?

If you’re a leader aspiring to reshape your organization join us for this important exploration!

Identity and Belonging Online Symposium

August 14, 2017 – August 18, 2017 all-day PT

Online Course

Terri and Kim will be giving separate presentations at the Identity and Belonging online symposium sponsored by the Newfield Network, a worldwide organization for coaches. The symposium will run from August 14-18 and features 13 speakers on a variety of topics related to identity and belonging. All the sessions are in live video and include live interaction with both presenters and participants.

Kim’s presentation will be on August 16: How the Evolution of Consciousness Shapes Identity & Belonging (Perspectives, Shadow, Egos States & Beyond)

Terri’s presentation will be on August 17: Identity, Belonging, and the Effect of Technology on Mentoring Capacities in Today’s World

This is a great opportunity for coaches to get in-depth perspectives from Terri and Kim based on the STAGES model, but also to hear from other thought leaders in the field.

Please visit the symposium registration page for program details and to register.


Course Begins:
June 13, 2017

The Whidbey Institute
6449 Old Pietila Rd
Clinton, WA 98236

STAGES In-Depth is the most comprehensive STAGES training we currently offer. It is a unique opportunity to work with the model in a residential setting that allows for deep exploration with the two of us. This is a vibrant and effective training for anyone who wants to learn to apply STAGES in a social or organizational context (CEUs are available), and it is open to anyone who is interested in new approaches to human development. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, observational techniques, embodied practice and fieldwork, you will receive a thorough introduction to this unique map of human consciousness development.

The Whidbey Institute has been a home for transformational learning since 1972. Set on 100 acres of NW forest land with access to public hiking trails, gardens, labyrinth, sauna, sanctuary and more makes the Whidbey Institute an ideal setting for the kind of discovery and learning that will take place in this STAGES retreat.

Please visit the registration page for more information and to register. There is a $400 discount for the first seven to register so please act soon to get the best price for the program.

For more information, please contact Pacific Integral at

Voice of America Interview with Marueen Metcalf

May 2, 2017 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Online Course

Is There Such A Thing As A “Level 5″/Teal Organization?

In complex adaptive systems, those required to meet many of the challenges we currently face, leaders and organizations need to co-evolve to ensure their ability to respond to the opportunities and challenges.

During this conversation, Terri and Maureen explore how individuals and organizations evolve. It starts with the question of how individuals “grow up” as leaders. They then map this same framework to exploring how organizations evolve.

Terri presents a brief overview of the STAGES model, using it to frame to conversation about how a developmental model can be used to better understand the idea of organizational evolution. This is particularly useful when individuals use the developmental tools they employ for their own development to help the organization mature. While this sounds like even more work for busy leaders, this is the focus that enables them to create systems that are truly adaptive.